Murals are not just something you look at hanging on the wall. They are the wall. They engulf you in a mood and theme in a way that paint or wallpaper never could. Or, they can be that subtle accent that adds tone without even existing on a conscious level. Whatever feel you are going for, I can meet your needs. Playful, strong or architectural; below is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is one wall (12 feet wide) of a complete room done in a jungle theme.... zebras,
elephants, hanging monkeys, etc. All four walls were involved in this child's bedroom.
(Two photographs have been pieced together here to show the entire wall.)


This Mediterranean scene adds warmth to the couple's "wine country" kitchen. (Approximately nine feet wide.)


The lady bugs were decorations in a little girls bedroom. Against a soft yellow background, the ladybugs added color and whimsy.

This old world still life with wine and fruit trims the cathedral ceiling in this new home under construction.

This faux stone archway was done in colors complementing the existing walls, but using a textured paint and detail work that made the stone seem real to the eye and the touch.

This outdoor scene in a local dentist's office is much more soothing than a blank wall.

This wonderful interior concrete floor features faux marble with trompe l'oie fish is a pond... So real you hesitate to walk on it.

This variety of bathroom treatments feature the whimsey of the world below the sea, the calming influence of an ocean scene (both, above) or the "less is more" effect of an understated window trim (right).